Thursday, January 14, 2010

More memories... Does anyone out there remember...

Bernie Parent's mask being ripped off his head by Vic Hadfield during a bench-clearer in the 71 playoffs.

Forbes Kennedy losing it (and a whole bunch of fights) against the Boston Bruins in the 69 playoffs. The one where Quinn leveled Orr with the famous hit

Paul Harrison, Don Simmons, Rick St. Croix, Curt Ridley. Fred Boimistruck, Jim Benning, Dave Dunn

Shaky, Snowshoes, Suitcase, Swoop, Stash

The Hound Line

Pyramid Power

Winnipeg Jets

Mike Palmateer versus his drapes

The Bird, The Mouse, The Crow, Kitty and Dog

Coaches Brophy, Crozier, Nykoluk, Maloney, Watt, Carpenter and Armstrong

Ballard's Bunker

Mike Foligno's leap

Minnesota North Star logo

The L.A. Kings all-yellow uniforms

The J. P. Bickell Memorial Award

Ken Dryden's street-sweeper pose.


Brian Glennie's horsecollar

Got any of your own? Leave them in the comments section and I'll make sure to put them in the next post of Memories. The guideline is, of course, OLD SCHOOL!

Till next time. GO LEAFS GO...

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