Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Idlings

Just some random thoughts.....
  • Isn't it time the NHL took a page from the Canadian Hockey League and made their suspensions worthwhile?. I know that the juniors don't have a players association and that the NHLPA would no doubt fight tooth and nail if players were actually held accountable for their actions with SEVERE suspensions instead of the 3 gamers that Colin Campbell doles out, but come on. Wouldn't a 30 game suspension and no salary for those 30 games send more of a message then the proverbial wrist-slap and tongue-lashing?
  • A major penalty for high-sticking/boarding, etc results in the offending team being shorthanded for the full 5 minutes regardless of how many goals the opposition scores. Why not a 2 minute major for the less-serious high-sticking, head-shot and boarding calls. Keep the two-minute call for the accidental high-stick or "regular" boarding calls but like its 5 minute cousin, the player has to stay in the box for the full two minutes. I imagine the coaches would pretty soon wise up and keep repeat offenders on the straight and narrow.
  • Head shots continue to be a problem. Simple solution. Bring back the old equipment. Elbow pads and shoulder pads do not need hard plastic capping on them. They are weapons more than they are for protection now. Back in the day, if you launched an elbow into another players face the way they do now, you'd dislocate your elbow. Not pretty, but it sure stopped you from being reckless.
  • Jamal Mayers and Garnet Exelby want to be traded from the Leafs. What can you get for 2 guys who have spent more time in the press box and the penalty box than on the ice? Both have been healthy scratches more times than you can count and are on the team only because there is nowhere to put them. If they were sent down, they probably wouldn't clear waivers, but you won't get more than a 5th rounder for either of them. My advice? Get them out of town for anything imaginable before they infect the whole team. The Leafs need players who want to be here, who want to see the franchise succeed in terms of on-ice product. Get rid of the two for a bag of pucks, the rights to Bobby Orr, new padding for the players bench, anything.
  • Will Burke be going after any college players this year? Will he be signing the new Bozak and Hanson out of American College? One player to look at may be Bobby Butler out of University of New Hampshire. 33 points in 23 games so far this season. Undrafted and going on 23 years old, might be another good college signing.

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